2016 breeding season was started with good hopes we had bought most of our birds as 2015 babies so most would not be old enough to breed.

The season started with the Green Crested Persa persa continued as they left off 2015 with 2 lovely eggs on the 15th April 16 fingers crossed this time that we would get fertile eggs, all 8 eggs in 2015 where clear, the green crested sit nice and tight on the eggs swopping over incubation duties we can check the eggs but don't like to disturb them, sadly after the 23 day nothing hatched I left them until day 26 still nothing checked them and both clear. 3 weeks later and on queue 2 more eggs appeared once again they sat tight, this time I did go and candle the eggs and we had 1 fertile great news. on day 22 the egg hatched and we had a lovely baby the 2nd egg was clear. mum and dad seemed to just desert the baby so I decided to remove it for hand feeding, this started well but after 36 hours we lost the baby, we think that we had an issue with the temperature in the brooder and it was far to hot?? 3 weeks later 2 more eggs laid so this time I took the eggs away and placed them in the incubator after 7 days I could see that again 1 was fertile and 1 was clear, the fertile egg got damaged in the incubator and sadly did not hatch. once again the pair went down laid another 2 eggs I checked them after 10 days and both where clear, then right at the end of the season in October we had a really good week of sunshine and the pair laid 2 eggs as it was getting cold I removed the eggs and put them in the incubator that i had to get out of the cupboard after 8 days again 1 was fertile and 1 was clear, the egg hatched on time, having reared babies already we where hope full that any errors made but us would not happen again, we got the baby to 4 weeks old and lost it, I will write a piece on here all about it when Ii have worked out what happen.


Sunday the 17th April the cock bird started to chase the hen around few feathers around the floor 18th and 19th more chasseing around more feathers but no obvious signs of the hen being damaged or distressed, on Thursday 21st could not find the hen got worried but then looked in the nest basket there she was sitting in the basket, early evening both birds where out in the flight and spent the night out in the flight, Friday 22nd both birds in the flight hen went in the basket lunch time late afternoon the hen was out again and the cock bird was now sitting in the basket first time they had done a shift change, but that evening both birds spent the night in the flight again, when I went to feed Saturday both birds still out but the hen went in the basket shortly after eating but only sat for 30 minites and then came of the nest, spend all day Saturday off the nest and all day sunday I did see them looking at the nest but neither of them sat at all.

Monday 25th I desided to take a look and see if they had actually laid anything happy days 2 Eggs I desided to remove the eggs and put them into the incubator as they where not going to sit on them.

in to incubator Temp 37.2 Humidaty 45% days till hatch 22 to 24 days  checked eggs at 10 days in and 1st egg was clear 2nd Egg was fertile our first fertile Egg due to hatch on the 19th May. on the 17th May I stopped the cradle from turning and put the humidity up to 75% egg piped at 5 am on the 19th chick hatched about 11 am on 20th incubator temp dropped to 36 and humidity dropped to 45% chick very fit looks well

First fed due in 24 hours feed the baby at 10.30 am on the Saturday 21st I gave the chick 1.5Ml fed really well was over the moon that it had such a good appitite.

I fed the chick at 1pm, 3.30pm, 5pm,8pm,10.30pm it took 2ml each fed was very happy

Sunday morning 7.30 chick would not fed at all the rest of the day was spent trying to feed the chick and it slowly did at 8pm Sunday evening.

Why did we lose this chick well WE OVER FED IT ???

week one 1 ml per fed regardless no more

week two 1.5 ml per fed regardless no more


Schallows  second attempt started on the 27th May again started chasing around in and out with leaves and a few twigs on the 29th the hen was in the basket on the 30th both sitting in the basket so hopeful thing would go better this time, the next 48 hours was just the worst weather really windy and really heavy rain both bird did not sit in the basket at all just sat out in the rain, so I decided to see if they had laid and yes but just 1 egg so I took it and placed it in the incubator again, the next day I desided to put some more nest material into the basket climbed up egg number 2 there was happy with that had not laid when I thought they had so took that away as well and put with.

on the 10th June I candled both eggs and both fertile hatch date 23rd/25th June

Hatch day passed with nothing no piping on the 26th the 2nd egg started to pip and was moving around inside the shell but nothing from 1st egg, 27th at 7.30 watched the baby Schallows hatch from the egg video on the video page,

wow that was just amazing never seen it before still nothing from egg 1 dead in shell did not pip???

28th moved the chick into the brooder first fed due 7pm on the 28th DO NOT OVER FEED.

The chick fed fine we kept the feeding under control and every thing went really well we fledged the chick over the next weeks to outside flight. 

Schallows third attempt started on the 22nd June all the same routine with this pair but once again they would not sit on the eggs once they had been laid so once again I removed the eggs to the incubator again 1 clear egg 1 fertile due to hatch on the 19th July, but dead in shell did not pip.


White Cheeked

Black Bills



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