Aviary 1

Our first aviary was the quickly converted summer house.

Then we started the construction of the proper corner avairy. It was in the back of the garden where we just dumped rubbish. The sides are 22 foot long x 9 foot high. We built a house at the back for winter cover, planted it & put in a pond with little fish. The perfect house for the Bali starlings and Terry the turaco. Time for a girlfriend JUNE.

Aviary 2 and 3

How did aviary 2 and 3 come about? We had 3 really nice chicken houses with lots of chickens. We soon started to talk about and think that we should move house, but kept stalling as we didn't really know what we wanted to do. We had to sell the chickens & move terry, always an issue. So on a friday I/WE decided that we are moving, so I put all the chickens and chicken coops up for sale. Sold the lot over the weekend all gone (result). Sue and I had a good heart to heart on the Tuesday and decided to stay.

I said ok can I put up 2 aviaries in place of the chicken houses? Yes was the answer, so in came the timber. Construction started again with the aviaries being 8' high x 8' wide. Number 2 is 12' long & number 3 is 9' long.

Aviary 2 home for the Schallows Turaco

Aviary 3 home for the Livingstones Turaco

Aviary 4 and 5

So now we have the bug for more flights. The next 2 flights really were not my idea but 100% Sue's.

Aviaries 2 and 3 were finished and we now needed some turaco to put in them. We found an advert for a pair of Green crested turaco (persa persa). We made contact and travelled to see the birds. When we arrived we were shown around a really really nice collection of diffrent birds mainly soft bills. Sue had never seen a collection like this in someones back garden and fell in love with the whole idea. We bought the Birds, drove home and placed them in the new flight. We made a coffee and sat on the raised flower beds opposite the aviary to admire our new family members, well pleased with ourselves. During this chit chat Sue points out where we need to build more aviaries and have just one pair of birds in one aviary to help with breeding. Ok good idea but where will we put them? Right here, one on each of the raised beds. Good size, good shape & they will fit in nicely.

That was on thursday afternoon by saturday morning the timber had arrived HERE WE GO AGAIN.

Avairy 4 is 7' high 4.5' wide 10' long

Aviary 5 is 7' high 4' one end and 7' at the front end and 10' long 

Aviary 4 home Green Crested Turaco (persa persa)

Aviary 5 home to the Bali Starling 

Aviary 6,7 and 8

Aviaries 6, 7 and 8 were all my doing. We now had the red crested in the large corner aviary with a pair of crested pigeons and 2 pairs of mandarin ducks. The Bail Starlings had been put into flight number 4 and the Green Crested into flight 5 because I bought a pair of White Crested and a Pair of Purple crested. They now live in aviary 3 and 4. Having taken down the old summer house and replaced it with a new one for Sue as promised I thought it would be nice to have an avairy in front of the summer house so we could watch Terry and June. After a very long yes no session I won the day and I built 6, 7 and 8, although I did have to promise no more. I did secretly have my fingers crossed however.

Aviary 6 is 8' high 8' wide 12' long home to the Red Crested Turaco

Aviary 7 is 8' high 8' wide 10' long home to the violaceous Turaco

Aviary 8 is 8' high 8' wide 9' long home to the White Cheeked Turaco

Aviary 9 and 10

After finishing aviary 8 and having a change around terry and june moved into no 6. We bought a pair of Violaceous into no 7 and moved the White Crested into no 8. A pair of Schallows moved into aviary no 2, White cheeked into aviary no 3.

At the end of aviary no 8 we now had a void area that we had an empty large chicken run/aviary. Down it came and up went 9 and 10. We put a pair of Black billed in no 9 and moved the purple crested to no 10

All our avairies are 8' tall and 8' wide, we have diffrent lengths from 6' up to 14' long.

Aviary 9 home to the Black bIlled Turaco

Aviary 10 home to the Fischers Turaco

Aviary 11 and 12

We now started to like the idea of being able to keep all the speices that are avalible to us so needed to come up with new avaries. So we decided to split the large corner aviary no 1. We did that straight down the middle front to back. I divided the house into two and put a new door at the back of no 1 to get into no 11. Aviary no 1 has a pair of livingstones in it and the other half now avairy no 11 has a pair of Ficshers in. I now needed an aviary for my Hoopoe so behind aviary 2 and 3 was a really nice  quiet space 6 foot wide so I built an L shaped aviary that is 3'.6" wide 14' long 7' high and the L part as well now called avairy no 12. A good flight which the Hoopoes are in and they have laid for the first time this year in 2016.

Moving the summer house

For Christmas 2015 we had the whole family round, father in law comes in from walking around the garden and shouts "your summer house is in the wrong place, waste of time there". Quick to jump on this I ask "so where should it be"? He pointed to the left of the garden near the patio "right there" he said. Sue joins in "what a great idea we should do that". Although I put up a fight about how hard it would be, I am thinking big gap now for more avaries. So move it we did.

Aviary 13,14 and 15

Aviary 13, 14 and 15 were put in to make up the line where the old and new summer house were. 13 is a 6' long x 8' wide x 8' high next to Terry and Junes house. It now has our Buffon Turaco in. Aviary 14 and 15 are both the same size 10' long 8' wide x 8' high. Really nice avairies as all the ideas we have had on planting, house building, wire frames etc have changed and improved as we have gone on. Now they look really good in a polished contruction. Aviary 14 has our hartlaubs Turaco in & aviary 15 has ourWestern Plantain Eaters  in. fingers crossed for babies next year.

Aviary 13 home to the Buffons Turaco

Aviary 14 home to the Hartlaubs Turaco

Aviary 15 home to the Weastern Plantain Eaters

Aviary 16

I was just being greedy with aviary 16. I had to fight for this one, tooth and nail. Between aviaries 4 and 5 was a gap, a walk through that looked really good and was inkeeping with the garden but a great site for an aviary. Sadly this time sue was 1000% sure that its not happening, sighting the old argument that you never know when to stop and to be fair she had a point, just seemed a shame to leave it. I decided that I could not win the argument with descriptions wavy arms and constructive suggestions, so more serious action was needed. Sue went out for the day and left me at home doing what I do in the garden. I finished my work early and decided that I should put up two aviary panels between the two other aviaries and that would win the day, so I did. I also decided that I would not tell Sue that I had put them up and just wait for it to hit the fan!! 8 times she walked past it before she noticed. All Sue said while looking at it was "really"?? 5 weeks it stayed there, not a word spoken by either of us. Then I asked "can I put the avairy here"?? AND  The lady from delmonte say "YES"

Aviary 17 home to the White Crested Turaco

Aviary 17

Aviary 17 will be our largest avairy & it will replace our Koi pond. It was a hard choice but we do not really enjoy the fish as much as we do the birds. Watch this space!!!!

So got started on the flight before you know it job done, the flight is our biggest and will house Lady Ross and a pair of Bali Starling, it is about 9' high 20' x 20' this time as its on the back of the garage gone through the wall and put an indoor filght on it 6'x 6'x3' the feeding staion is in doors, bathing bowl is out side, half the outside roof is covered with polycarbonate roof, like all our flight we have put down sleepers first to give us a firm level to put the panels onto, panels are made of 2x2 timer treated and also painted so they are all the same, wire is 1' x .5' 48' wide and then painted black all filghts now have security doors. nearly all the plants are evergreen so look good all year round. we also see that the birds tend not to eat evergreen plants??? any tree/plants in flights that are decidious they eat the leaves.

Aviary 17will be home to our 2nd pair of Lady Ross and our original pair of Bali Starlings

Aviary 18 and 19

The next new stage is to move the BBQ from the side of the garage over to the side of the summer house. This will leave an area of 6' wide by 12' long. The plan is to put up two outside flights 6' x 6' x 7' high, then put a hole through the garage wall so the birds can fly inside. The garage will be insulated and will house indoor flights of 6' x 3' x 6'. This will be heated in the winter for the barefaced go away birds and the Grey Turaco Concolor.

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