Updated 02/03/18

We have tried many different foods for our Turaco's including soft foods, fruit and pellets to try and find the correct combination to keep them happy and fit. We look at other peoples diets and ask the question "what do you feed your birds all the time?".

We have tried many soft bill foods ie: whitte Molen, tovo and others mixed with the fruit or in a bowl on its own or mixed with the pellet or all mixed together my conclusion is they do not eat it?? I just throw it away. But I really want to find one that they will all eat late 2016 I was recommended trying Deli Nature Fruit Pate 60ppm iron I bought some, I changed the feeding bowls but fitting a piece of perspex in the middle of the bowl to split it, and they love it all the birds eat it willingly. photo below. We did feed T16 through the winter 2015 and T20 through the spring and breeding season, 2016 I have decided to feed T 20 all year round. We feed our pellets dry and in its own bowl not mixed with the fruit.

2017 I have gone back to feeding T16 in the winter until the end of March 2018 and I will go back to T20.


We have tried many fruits including apples, pears, bananas, grapes, tomatoes, cucumber, blueberries, strawberries, tinned peaches and tinned apricots as and when the prices are good.

APPLE : We find that if we feed golden delicious or a nice sweet apple we get no waste at all. Nice and sweet all gone other apples they will eat if they have to but they always leave some.

PEARS: We use conference pears.

BANNANA: They love it.

GRAPES: Black-red-green whatever may be on offer at the shop.

BLUEBERRIES and STRAWBERRIES: As and when the prices are best

CUCUMBER: Just to mix it up a bit but they do tend to leave some

TINNED FRUIT: Again just to treat them they do love it.


kiwi fruit once a week

Lettuce Endive we use curly endive and mix it up a bit with Romaine lettuce

But as we get more information from other breeders we have fine tuned the diet.

OUR DAY TO DAY FRUIT MIX FOR THE TURACO'S has changed many times as we fine tune the types of fruit

our food each day is now based around apples and pear late 2017 and 2018 season


Apple Pears Blueberry 1 Kg frozen and half an Curly Endive lettuce


Apple Pears and Banana and half a Curly Endive lettuce


Apple Pears and PAW PAW 1 Kg frozen and half a Curly Endive Lettuce 


back to Mondays menu and so on

once a week I will dice up 8 Kiwi fruits and add that to a days mix very high in Iron not good BUT the vitamin C content out ways that once a week.

It’s about 6 kg fruit a day for 20 pairs of turaco

We sprinkle Calcium carbonate Powder or liquid calcium on the fruit once a week to keep the calcium / Phosphorus ratio up.

We do not give them any other supplements.

I found a good website that helped us with our Calcium/ Phosphorus ratios. It gave us all the information on what is in each fruit or veg & it also has a calculator so you can work out the ratio. 2:1 calcium is optimum, hope it helps.




We started to really build up our collection of Turaco's in 2015. We bought mainly 2015 birds that were close rung with DNA certificates. We only keep one pair to a flight with no other birds. We had the first eggs from our Green-Crested Turaco in 2015 and she sat on them tight for the full 23 day journey. Unfortunately the eggs where both clear. The birds where bought as a breeding pair but on closer inspection of the Hens leg ring and some detective work we found out that the hen was only a 2014 bird. The cock has no ring infomation so we have no idea!!!

She did lay again but the one egg was broken after a couple of days. The only other eggs we had were from the Bali Starlings 3 nice eggs but sadly all were clear.


We have the following pairs that are old enough to breed this year

Red Crested       2010/2013

White Crested    2010/2011

Schallow's          2012/2012

Green Crested    2014/?

White Checked  2004/2004 bought as 5 yo pair see above note to seller

Lady Ross       /2013 birds

Buffon's           2007/?

Bali Starlings    2003/2009

All other pairs are 2015 pairs anything will be good in 2016 but I think 2017 will be their time.

Below are some photos of the breeding baskets that we are using in 2016,

Morrison’s hanging baskets, rubbish removed then screwed to a piece of timber for stability. In the bottom I place Tobacco Stalks, then a little straw and topped off with some hay.

Tobacco stalks. 

I had never heard of them. I was talking to a friend in Holland asking more questions this time about nesting materials and he uses tobacco stalks in the bottom of all his baskets. It keeps mites and bugs away, he didn’t say it kills them just keeps them away. They are a perfect nesting material with a possible bonus. I found them online in two locations both pigeon suppliers by chance

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