Sulcata Giant Tortoise

Centrochelys sulcata


Sulcata Giant Tortoise African spurred tortoise

Tom and Meg joined us from a breeder in Manchester in June 2018 they are a pair Tom is the darker one of the two. they are around 22" long they are very friendly and they will follow us around and quickly tortoises are not slow. both enjoy a tickle on their head and o the back of their shells.

Tom and Meg will not hibernate so I have built them a 4' x 4' x 3' high house out of 18mm board that in insulated on the out side of the house on the under side and both sides of the lid, the lid is then covered with a rubber sheet to keep the rain out and heat in, the whole house was then shiplaped to look nice and further insulation. the door is covered with 4' plastic strips to keep the heat in and cold out. inside I have fitted a ceramic heat emitter to keep them warm all year round. they have a great area to walk around in with plenty of grass to graze on, we have put a large sand pit in for them to lay any eggs into, and we have put a large water bowl that is for bathing in but its only about 4" deep but they like it.

have a look at the video to see the area they have to roam. we do not lock them in they are free to roam when ever they want to

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